Tips & Trends


There are so many things to consider when selecting your wedding flowers…colors, seasonal flowers/availability, fragrance, textures and budget, to name a few.  Schedule your wedding flower consultation and rely on the expertise and experience of Blossoms to help you acheive the “look” you have pictured for your wedding day.

Below are some of the things I have learned through my years of wedding planning and floral design.


Put your money where it counts –

Too often, brides find themselves on a very tight budget that, despite their best efforts, keeps creeping up and up and up.  If this is you, I always recommend allocating the majority of your floral budget where you will get the most “bang for your buck.”  Many wedding ceremonies are only 20 minutes in length compared to a five hour reception so why not put more of your money towards the centerpieces than the ceremony décor?  If your budget is getting away from you, skip the aisle décor…instead, opt for tall centerpieces that will make a dramatic statement all night long.  Plus, most churches and gardens are gorgeous all on their own with maybe a focal arrangement or two to tie in your colors.  Petals down the aisle give you a big pop of color while respecting your budget.  Your reception flowers will have much more viewing time and can set the tone for the entire evening.  If budget is not a concern, then go for it!  You can never have too many flowers (in my opinion)!

Double Duty –     

Another way to keep your budget in check is to consider getting double-duty out of your ceremony flowers.  Many floral designs can be transferred to your reception site and re-used.  For example, your unity candle arrangement makes the perfect focal point on your head table.  Large alter arrangements work especially well at entrances to the reception.  Hanging vases from the aisle look stunning down the head table.  Getting double duty out of these items works best if there is a separate location for the cocktail hour…that way your guests don’t see any set-up taking place.

Don’t fight what already exists –

Many brides make the mistake of choosing their wedding color palette before they have chosen their venue.  Make things easier on yourself and wait to see what colors the venue inspires.  If the reception site has burgundy carpet and chairs, you can imagine that teal and orange may not be the best colors for your big day.  Instead, pick colors that will compliment what already exist.  Or be prepared to pay extra for chair covers or chiavari chairs.  If you are planning an outdoor wedding consider what colors are already present in the natural surroundings.  Green is an obvious one, but many outdoor venues will also have gardens planted in coordinating colors.  Consider what these will be when selecting your colors so that your pictures will be stunning.

Use what is in season –

In the same way that you don’t want to battle the colors of your venue, you also don’t want to battle the season your wedding is in.  Keep in mind what flowers and greenery are in season to keep the cost down but also to make things look cohesive.  When the season changes from spring to summer or summer to fall so should your floral décor.  Spring tulips don’t tolerate the heat of summer and bright summer blooms don’t give the same fall-time feel as autumn-hued dahlias and fall leaves and branches.  There are many creative ways, no matter what your color scheme, to make your flowers seasonally appropriate.  And if your favorite blooms happen to not be in season, be open to substitutes.  The peony tends to be the most sought after bloom for bouquets but unfortunately, it has a very short season…usually April thru June.  If you are not planning a Spring or early Summer wedding try using garden roses or football mums (or even carnations)…all will give you that beloved ruffled and romantic look.

Colored linens and candlelight make all the difference –

In the same way that your favorite necklace looks amazing against a perfectly coordinated shirt, so do your floral centerpieces against matching table linens.  If your budget allows, invest a little bit of money in colored and/or textured tablecloths and/or napkins.  Then make them glow!  Add candles at the base of your arrangements and down the head table to make everything look romantic.  If you can’t afford upgraded linens on all of your tables, consider highlighting just a few tables such as your head table and cake table.  Or add colored napkins to a standard white tablecloth.  This small expenditure makes a reception room come alive and gives your centerpieces a place to shine.

Don’t skimp on your bouquet (or your photographer) –

By the end of your wedding day your cheeks will hurt from all of the smiling you have done for pictures.  Your husband will be right by your side for these and so will your bridal bouquet.  So, make sure to get exactly what you want.  This is not the place to skimp.  Make your bouquet extra special with the addition of orchids, gardenias or garden roses.  These blooms may be a little pricey but you won’t regret the expenditure once you have a photo album full of pictures with you and your bouquet.  And to guarantee that your photo album is just as stunning as the two of you, hire an excellent photographer.  After all, when the night is over, all you will have left is your sweetheart and your pictures that captured memories to last a lifetime.

Be creative and make it personal –

You have heard it said that “this is your day” and IT IS!  Make sure that your wedding reflects the personalities and tastes of you and your groom.  Start pinning to that dream wedding board, search the web, find inspiration from a blog, get crafty…the more detailed you can be, the better your vendors will be able to help you achieve the look you are going for.  Everything from the location to the flowers should remind your guests of the two of you.  Personal touches and unique aspects make your wedding day memorable and fun.  We all go to many weddings each year so make yours stand out from the rest.  Don’t be afraid to be different…this is the day you have been dreaming of for a long time!